Our Programs

Stansberry Children's Home

The Stansberry Children’s Home has been a refuge for orphaned and abandoned children since it began. Situated on 7 acres within Santa Cruz, the home provides lots of room for young children to run and play and hopefully find healing from their brokenness.

Guardaria Moises

The ‘Guarderia Moises’ is more than just a daycare it is a center that works with the whole family. It is place where parents, quite often single parents, could leave their children during the day to look for work and become gainfully employed. Once employed, parents are held accountable to be working. It is a place where family abuse could be addressed and dealt with and where parents are required to attend the workshops provided by the center to become better parents, and a place where parents who didn’t read or write could find time to learn and better themselves.

Before and After School

The before and after school program began as a natural growing process from the daycare. We have about 100 children attending from the community and the orphanage. In Bolivia school is only a half day for students, this means young children are often home alone until their parents return from work. Children are also given a considerable amount of homework to do and many have parents that were unable to attend school for very long and find it difficult to help their children.